EyeCYou is an assistive technology app for the visually impaired, and uses sound to convey human presence to the user. It provides numerous descriptions of a person’s physical appearance after analyzing an image. 

EyeCYou uses facial detection to analzye photos you take in the app or photos in your gallery..

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"App helps visually impaired connect" - The SHORTHORN


EyeCYou provides the following features:

Face Detection and Recognition

Ability to detect face(s) from your images. Save and name your friends to allow the app to recognize them later.

Facial Expression Detection

Ability to detect and report facial expressions from an image.

Photo Gallery Support.

Ability to analyze images from your photo gallery. Save pictures from your favorite social media app and use the gallery function to increase your independence online.

Facial Feature Report

Ability to return a detailed report of facial features about the people in your images.

Age, Race, Hair Color, and Gender Estimation

Ability to report estimations of a person's age, race, hair color and gender from your images.

The Repeat Button

Didn't hear the report? Use the repeat button to playback the report from the last image you analyzed.

Clothing, Accessory, and Makeup Detection

Ability to detect everthing from ties and hats, to jewelry and lipstick.


Flexible settings allow the user to customize the app to their needs.


EyeCYou's Layout

The app features a buttons tab that spans the top of the page. From left to right, the buttons are as follows: Gallery, Repeat, Settings. The previous photo analyzed is displayed in the top left corner. The rest of screen displays the photo currently being analyzed. For step by step operating instructions, click the "Learn More" button located below.

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A video showing the gallery function at work and the facial recognition features. The video also demonstrates the audio feedback the app proivdes.

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EyeCYou is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store app is only a Simulation Version. The full app can be found on the Apple App Store.

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