EyeCYou App Description

EyeCYou is an artificial intelligence app that analyzes any image with people in it. Advanced algorithms analyze this image, and report the physical description of a person through voiceover

EyeCYou is offered for free on the App Store

How to Use

  1. Please read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EyeCYou. Using EyeCYou means that you have accepted both.

  2. Users must first switch VoiceOver to ON within their device settings. To turn VoiceOver ON , go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver.

  3. To take a picture, tap the screen. Once the image is captured, EyeCYou notifies the user with audio feedback.

  4. After 5-7 seconds the VoiceOver reports the facial description of the person(s) in the image to the user.

  5. If there is just one person in the image, and Face Recognition is turned ON in the EyeCYou settings. A window showing "Do you want to save picture?" will pop up. If the user clicks okay, the user can record the name of that person. Finaly, Click the Save Button. Next time the saved person is identified in any image, the saved name is reported to the user.

Note: To allow this app to remain free, users may experience a limit on images analyzed per month.

How it Works

EyeCYou primarily combines two advanced facial analysis APIs to improve the performance of the image analysis. The steps taken by the app to analyze an image file can be broken down into three step:

  1. Snap a picture of a person or a group of people by tapping the screen or selecting a picture from the camera roll

  2. The image is analyzed for facial feature detection and face recognition( BetaFace API).

  3. The outcome of the analysis is reported back over your device's voice over feature.

Homepage Button Functions

Gallery Button Gallery

The Gallery Button allows user to select an image for analysis from their camera roll. Click on the button, and browse to find the desired photo. Select an image, and EyeCYou will start the analysis.

Repeat Button Repeat

Click on the repeat button if you want EyeCYou to repeat the report from the previous image analyzed.

Settings Button Settings

Click on the settings button to customize the settings of EyeCYou to suit you. The Settings page also contains the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy