TADMaster: A Comprehensive Web-based Tool for the Analysis of Topologically Associated Domains


The groundbreaking work by Dixon et al., 2012 revealed the existence of regions with more within-interaction or self-interacting regions called Topologically Associated Domains. Topological associated domains, or TADs, are regions where interactions occur much more frequently than with outside regions (Figure Above). We provide the following tools for analysis:


Using detected TAD bed files perform one or more of the comprehensive analysis and visualization listed below:

  • Compare the Number, Size and Boundaries of TADs across algorithms and normalizations
  • Measure of Concordance of domains and boundaries between algorithms and normalizations
  • Graphs showing number of TADs and size distribution per algorithm, and shared boundaries between algorithms
  • Biological analysis of TAD dataset between multiple reference data, and other species (user provides reference data)
  • Same Tool with Multiple Channels: Containerized version of the TADMaster available on our GitHub page to be run any platform

    TADMaster Plus: TADMaster + Hi-C Matrix Normalization + State-of-the-Art TAD Detection Tools

    TADMaster Plus is a full suite that combines the comparative analysis and visualization functions of TADMaster with

  • Existing algorithms for Normalization
  • State-of-the-Art TAD Detection Tools
    TADMaster Plus

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    Higgins, S., Akpokiro, V., Westcott, A., Oluwadare, O. TADMaster: a comprehensive web-based tool for the analysis of topologically associated domains. BMC Bioinformatics 23, 463 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12859-022-05020-2